Who Are We?

Kartel is a Music Services company.

What does a Music Services company do? We provide human resource, experience, expertise, infrastructure, finance, administration and above all a passion, enthusiasm and dedicated commitment to the artists and labels we work with.

Over the last decade Kartel has built a Music Services business with global reach through constant learning and adaptation to the changing landscape of the modern music industry. We have long standing relationships with the top independent physical and digital distribution companies around the world, they provide our route to market. We have extensive international market experience and expertise. We are incredibly fortunate to employ a team of passionate and highly dedicated music industry and marketing professionals.

We are music fans, technology geeks, vinyl lovers and regular gig goers. We subscribe to the streaming model and we believe in the longevity of physical format. We believe in innovation and are proactive in embracing the changes driven by artists, labels, consumers and technology. Above all we aspire to a progressive music industry that breaks down barriers, takes the holistic view and allows artists and labels to remain in control.

There has never been a better time to be a music fan. For us this means there has never been a more exciting time to work in the music industry.

Our goal is to make people excited about artists and labels we work with and to give people a reason to care.

What We Do

We make things happen!


Our team of highly skilled product managers provide a valuable additional resource to your team, however big or small that may be. Bringing extensive market experience and expertise we can assist you in all stages of your project – from initial conception, through development, on to delivery, and finishing with campaign analysis and reporting. We pride ourselves on our in-depth and artist friendly approach.


Kartel has both masterminded and delivered in-house PR and marketing campaigns for a wide range of artist and label clients. Kartel’s press and radio promotions team has successfully brought both emerging and established talent well timed international press and online exposure, radio playlists, TV performances and much more, increasing their profile and helping develop their brands.


Kartel launched it’s own publishing company in 2012 and with that developed a Sync department to work on both the Master and Copyright works that we represent. Through our extensive network of music supervisor, advertising, and corporate contacts we have already achieved significant results.


Kartel has a strategic alliance with Believe Digital, who in our humble opinion are the best digital distribution company in the world. Believe have over 300 staff, with 28 dedicated offices globally and have significant digital market share in all key territories. Their Backstage platform provides us with a daily sales feed from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio, Beatport, Juno, Virgin Mega and Emusic, to name just a few. Additionally, Believe are rated as a Top Ten Worldwide Partner and # 1 European Music Partner with YouTube.



Kartel’s product management team have extensive UK and international marketing experience: from traditional e-marketing, direct to fan, print advertising, street, radio and TV advertising to digital and social media marketing channels focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and YouTube. Each campaign is unique and starts with a marketing plan which is constantly reviewed and fine-tuned to the lifecycle of any given campaign.


Kartel continues to recognise and value the importance of physical product in today’s music market. Our long-standing partnership with Clear Sound & Vision allows us to support our clients in all their production needs across multiple formats – CD, Vinyl or DVD through to specialist bespoke items and merchandise.


We are proud to maintain a 100% independent, global physical distribution network. The physical format means different things in different countries, and we place great importance in fully understanding the nuances of each market and making sure that we have the right partners in place in each. As a result we can provide comprehensive worldwide distribution into specialist independent stores, high street retail chains, super/hyper-markets, petrol stations and even non-traditional retailers as and when required.


We provide you with monthly accounting that breaks down global revenues at source in one easy to comprehend statement.


Via our strategic partnership with direct to consumer specialist Sunshine HQ we are able to power and manage “Direct to Fan” Music E-commerce solutions. We successfully drive sales for a wide range of labels and artists from their own branded Record Label or Artist online stores and run our own fulfilment warehouse to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

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